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 Circuit Awards Winners - horse & exhibitor

Level 1 Trail - Goin Nowhere Fast - John Briggs
Lvl 2 Jr Trail - Goin Nowhere Fast - John Briggs
Lvl 3 Jr Trail - Only One Request - Bruce Vickery
Lvl 2 Sr Trail - Who Invited RL - Jet Thompson
Lvl 3 Sr Trail - Only Temptation - Bruce Vickery

Lvl 1 Western Riding - Lopin For Certain - Brad Ost
Jr Western Riding - Hez Blazin Trouble - Sara Simons
Lvl 2 Sr Western Riding - The Bourne Legacy - Reid Thomas
Lvl 3 Sr Western Riding - UF A Certain Star - Chad Evans

Jr Reining - Mega Mag - Casey Hinton
Amateur Select Reining - Bio Gun - Joanne Garnett
Sr Reining - Customs Pistol Pete - Fred Berschauer
Amateur Reining - Snoop Around - Mike Garnett
Youth Reining - Pale Of Gold - Kennedy Bryant

Youth Lvl 1 Ranch Riding - Heavens Bells - Natalie Mauzerall
Youth Ranch Riding - Good Night To Shyne - Aubrey Gerdes

Amateur Lvl 1 Showmanship - Imnotgoodimawesone - Margaret Baughman
Amateur LVL 2 Showmanship - Hez Blazin Trouble - Ali Eidson
Amateur Lvl 3 Showmanship - Investin a Goodbar - Scott Reinartz
Amateur Select Lvl 2 Showmanship - Krysum Kryptonite - Barbara Gonzalez
Amateur Select Lvl 3 Showmanship - The Gurl Next Door - Karen Jorgenson
Youth Lvl 1 Showmanship - One Exclusive Cookie - Anne Oldfather
Youth Lvl 2 Shwomanship - Flashy Invite - Emma Cress
Youth Lvl 3 Showmanship - Greedy Ghost - Rosella Roberson

Youth Performance Halter Mares - Lopin Lady - Ava Pratt
Youth Performance Geldings - Betta Believe It - Brooke Jolstad
Amateur Performance Mares - Ona Hot Summer Night - Suzi Luckett
Amateur Performance Geldings - Betta Believe It - Julie Jolstad
Open Performance Mares - Party Favors - Elizabeth Knabenshue
Open Performance Geldings - Betta Believe It - Kelly McDowall
Youth Aged Mares - Dig Hotrods - Maycie Allen
Amateur Yearling Mares - Bittersweet - Susan Darr
Amateur 3 Yr Old Mares - BPF Guilty Secrets - Anita Wiescamp
Amateur Aged Mares - JVF Tempt Me Not - Barbara Hoffer
Open Yearling Mares - Bittersweet - Jason Smith
Open 2 Yr Old Mares - Mesmerized - Buddy Laney
Open 3 Yr Old Mares - BPF Guilty Secrets - Tim Finkenbinder
Open Aged Mares - JVF Tempt Me Not - Joshua Larman
Youth Aged Geldings - Big Time Goodbar - Renna Laughlin
Amateur Aged Geldings - Theres No Tellin - Anita Wiescamp
Open 2 Yr Old Geldings - Big N Handsome - Jason Smith
Amateur Yearling Stallions - Fully Explosive - Aledandra Strom
Amateur 2 Yr OLd Stallions - Stand Up For America - Barbara Hoffer
Amateur Aged Stallions - Not Kiddin Me Mr - Barbara Hoffer
Open Yearling Stallions - FG Xxpectations - Buddy Laney
Open 2 Yr Old Stallions - Stand Up For America - Joshua Larman
Open 3 Yr Old Stallions - Exxpectation - Jason Smith
Open Aged Stallions - I am Relentless - Wayne Halvorson

Lvl1 Hunter Under Saddle - Hez Blazin Trouble - Sara Simons
Ama Lvl 1 Hunter Under Saddle - Shes A Hot Asset - Lauren Huffaker
Jr Hunter Under Saddle - Talk Southern To Me - Alessandra Ehrie
Amateur Hunter Under Saddle - Hes Blazin Trouble - Ali Eidson
Amateur Select Hunter Under Saddle - Potentially Zipped - Laina Banks
Youth Lvl 1 Hunter Under Saddle - Kinetic Krumsun - Avery Langley
Youth Hunter Under Saddle - Talk Southern To Me - Alessandra Ehrie
Sr Hunter Under Saddle - Shes A Hot Asset - Alyse Roberts
Ama Lvl 1 Hunt Seat Equitation - Huntified - Erin Larson Girolamo
Amateur Hunt Seat Equitation - Lethals Hot Weapon - Carey Nowacek

Green Working Hunter - Awesom Blue Skies - Jerry ERickson
Progressive Working Hunter - Aweson Blue Skies - Jerry Erickson
Open Working Hunter - Rythmic Blues - Linda Crothers
Jr Hunter Hack - Al Wayz On Your Mind - Linda Crothers
Sr Hunter Hack - Blameitonthe Alcohol - Chuck Briggs
Pleasure Driving - Forgettable - Brian Holmes
Amateur Pleasure Driving - Melissa Hendrix

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Scholarships Awarded to KQHA Members

KQHA is pleased to announce the following winners of 2018 scholarships. Each person received $1665.00.

Breckyn Rowely - Washburn
Brynn McCracken - Arkansas
Kinsey Griffith - K-State
Alan Hinds - K-State
Collin Champagne - K-State


EMail Change For Points Secretary

Dotty Kester has changed her email address to kesterdk2@gmail.com. Please make a note of this change if you need to contact her about membership or points information.




Billy Allen Inducted to AQHA Hall of Fame


Billy Allen was born into a family of farmers who had working horses, not show horses. He grew up dreaming of being a world champion roper and rodeoed for a while, but in his mid-20s, he started training horses instead. Since he started roping in AQHA, Allen has earned 11 world championships in halter, heading, heeling, reining and working cow horse. In 1976, Allen campaigned three different horses to year-end high-point titles in reining, tie-down roping and team roping. In addition to training horses, Allen established Billy Allen Feed Co. Allen is a 30-year breeder and a longtime judge who taught at the judges seminars. He is a past president of the Kansas Quarter Horse Association and was inducted into the KQHA Hall of Fame in 2005.



2018 Prairie Classic Sponsors

OKC Tourist & Visitors Bureau
Michael & Justine Tidwell
Capital Quarter Horses
Knabenshue Performance Horses
Berryhill Quarter Horses
Campbell Show Horses
Walquist Quarter Horses
Robin Frid Quarter Horses
BE Show Horses
Becky George Show Horses
Keller Performance Horses
T & L Quarter Horses
Tate Oakley Quarter Horses
Diamond R Ranch
Phil & Sherri Tearney
Voge Quarter Horses
Dry River Ranch




Changes Made To Hall Of Fame


This program honors individuals and horses that have made significant contributions to the KQHA and have had an impact on the Quarter Horse breed. The Hall of Fame award serves as a lasting tribute to outstanding individuals in the Quarter Horse industry.

Persons nominated may be living or deceased and must have been permanent residents of Kansas for at least five years. Individuals must be (or have been, if deceased) in good standing with KQHA. Horses nominated must have been bred in Kansas or owned by a Kansas resident for at least five years. Horses nominated must be deceased.

Nominations are due to the President June 1. Past Presidents and current members of the Board of Directors will vote on all nominations that are put forward by July 15. Each Past President can vote for one person and one horse each year. To be inducted, a person or horse must get votes from at least 50% of the returned ballots.

Inductees will be honored appropriately.





Logan Western

Photos courtesy of the Wright Focus(www.wrightfocus.com)