Kansas Quarter Horse Youth Association

Article I
Name and Purpose
1. This organization shall be a division of the Kansas Quarter Horse Association and shall operate within the scope of the Bylaws, rules and regulations of the Kansas Quarter Horse Association and shall be named the Kansas Quarter Horse Youth Association.
2. The objectives and purposes of the Kansas Quarter Horse Youth Association, hereafter referred to as the KQHYA, and shall be as follows:
a. To improve and promote the American Quarter Horse breed.
b. To improve and develop the capabilities of youth, both individually and through group participation in the care, training, handling and exhibiting of the American Quarter Horse.
c. To develop and improve scholarship, leadership and community interest and participation of young horseman.
d. To encourage high moral character, sportsmanship and clean living among all its members.
e. To acquaint youth members with the parent organization, KQHA: its structure and functions.
Date amended: 01-8-2003

Article II
1. Membership in KQHYA shall consist of youth 18 years of age and under, as of January 1 of each year,

Article III
1. This association is under the direction and guidance of the Kansas Quarter Horse Association through it Director of Youth Activities,
2. The government of the KQHYA shall be vested in a Board of nine directors, who shall be nominated and elected in such a manner as may be prescribed in the bylaws.
3. The Board of Directors shall also act as the Executive Committee of the organization.

Article IV
1. The annual meeting of the KQHYA shall be on the same day as the annual meeting of the KQHA at a place and hour designated by the Board of Directors and notice shall be given in the Kansas Quarter Horse magazine at the same time as the call of the KQHA annual meeting.
2. Meetings of the general membership may be held at such other time as the president or Board of Directors may determine, or upon the written request of twenty-five (25) percent of the members in good standing, provided that when called otherwise than by the president or the Board of Directors, the notice shall contain a statement of the purpose of the meeting, and shall be issued at least twenty days preceding the meeting.

Article V
Youth Activities Committee
1. The Youth Activities Committee shall consist of the Director of Youth Activities, the President of KQHA, the Executive Secretary of KQHA, and at least four adults appointed by the KQHA board of directors to assist the Director of Youth Activities of KQHYA. No more than 25 percent of the appointed adults shall be members of the KQHA board.
2. Appointed adults shall be appointed yearly and shall not serve more than three consecutive years.

Article VI
Upon request in writing of forty-five (45) percent of the members in good standing, the Board of Directors shall or upon its own initiative, may submit a question to the members for a mail referendum vote – the ballot for such a vote to be accompanied by a brief statement stating both sides of the question. When so stated in their requests action taken therein by the membership shall be final.

Article VII
This constitution may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the members in good standing in attendance at any membership meeting, provided, however, notice of said proposed amendment is given in the Kansas Quarter Horse magazine or by mail to all members at least twenty days prior.

Article VIII
The new constitution of the Kansas Quarter Horse Youth Association adopted by the membership November 30, 1974, hereby expressly repeals all articles of the former constitution.