KQHYA Bylaws

Article I
1. Youth 18 years old and younger on January 1, who have paid their dues, and re active in association programs, are considered members in good standing.
2. Annual KQHYA dues are $20.00 for each youth in the family.
3. Dues are payable annually on or before January 1. Awards or team membership points will begin counting only after dues are received in the KQHA office.
4. Any member of KQHYA who is unruly or disorderly at any KQHYA meeting or sponsored function shall be subject to disciplinary action by the Board of Directors and Youth Activities Committee. In such cases, the Board of Directors and Youth Activities Committee shall have the power, after due hearing to suspend or revoke the membership of the offending person or persons.
Date amended: 01-19-2008

Article II
1. Voting shall be done by members in good standing only. Absentee ballots and proxies will not be allowed.
2. For purpose of voting at the annual meeting, a member in good standing shall be one who has paid his last years dues no later than the time for the call of the annual meeting.

Article III
Election Of Officers and Directors:Term
1. The Board of Directors will consist of the president, vice-president, secretary, public relations director and five directors – a total of nine.
2. Officers and directors shall be elected at the annual meeting and their term will begin on that date.
3. A vice-president, secretary-treasurer and public relations director shall be nominated and elected separately by majority vote. The nominee for vice-president must be a member in good standing of KQ HYA for a least two years prior to taking office. If no candidate for an office receives a majority vote,then the candidates will be reduced to the two with the most votes and voting shall be done again. The viced-president shall not be over the age of 17 on January 1 and shall serve one year as vice-president and the next year as president, a total of two years. The secretary and public relations director will serve for one year. During the first year under this constitution, a President shall be elected for a term of one year.
4. Five directors shall be elected to serve for a period of one year. They shall be nominated and voted on in a group with each member casting a ballot for five. The five candidates with the most votes shall serve as directors.
5. The immediate past president shall be an ex-officio member of the Board of Directors. The duties of the officers shall be such as titles by general usage would indicate, and such as may be assigned to them respectively by the Board of Directors from time to time.
6. The president, vice-president, secretary, and public relations director shall serve as state delegates at the AQHYA Convention and Leadership conference. If officers are not available, the Youth Director may appoint alternates.
Date amended 01-18-2003

Article IV
Vacancies by resignation or otherwise on the board of directors shall be filled by the board only until the next general election, at which time the membership shall elect a director or directors, officer or officers, for the remainder of any unexpired term.

Article V
1. The president shall appoint all standing committees and all other committees deemed necessary.
2. The following shall be standing committees for the KQHYA:
a. Fundraising
b. Membership
c. Leadership & Scholarship
d. Team Competitions: AQHYA World Championship and All American Quarter Horse Congress
e. Year End Awards
Date amended 01-18-2003

Article VI
1. At all general meetings, tem (10) percent of the members in good standing shall constitute a quorum.
2. The board of directors shall meet at least three times a year.
3. A special meeting of the board of directors may be called any time by the president or by three directors provided that when otherwise called by the president, a call shall be issued to each director stating the purpose of the meeting, not less than twenty days preceding the meeting.
4. At all meetings of the board of directors a majority shall constitute a quorum.
5. All questions of parliamentary proce3dure shall be settled according to Robert’s Rules of Order, whenever they are not inconsistent with the Constitution or Bylaws of this organization.

Article VII
Fiscal Year
The fiscal year shall end December 31.

Article VIII
1. These bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the members in good standings in attendance at any regular meeting or at any special meeting called ofr that purpose, provided that such amendments shall be plainly stated in the call for the meeting at which they are to be considered.
2. Notice of meetings at which such amendments are to be considered must be given at least twenty days prior to the meeting.

Article IX
The new Bylaws of the KQHYA adopted November 30, 1974 hereby expressly repeal all articles and sections of form Bylaws.
Date Approved: 11-29-1974
Date Amended: 03-26-1977
Date Amended: 11-28-1987
Name Changed: 01-27-1996
Secretary KQHYA